Dr Mark Hines is a professional adventurer and endurance athlete, an exercise physiologist and biomechanist, and a writer.  He has competed in many of the toughest ultra-endurance races in the world.  He has raced in rainforests, across deserts, over mountains, and in the sub-Arctic and Arctic.

Mark spends time conducting research in his labs, writing books on health, fitness and his adventures, and plotting that next big thing.  Mark is planning to spend the coming years on races, adventures and expeditions all over the world.


In his words:

"Life is far too short and precious to miss out, preoccupied with a pursuit of the unnecessary.  It might be made more comfortable with more money, more and/or better status symbols and that next promotion - and these might even bring a certain amount of satisfaction, for a while - but I view these are nothing more than distractions.

In a world driven by our economies as they are, and an invented need for corporate and personal wealth, we seem to have become trapped in cycles of self-inflicted (but industry-supported) debt, and resolve to invest our whole lives in being a part of a finance-based system, even wanting to show others how well we play that game.  In that sense, life might be nothing more than some grand game of sudoku - engaging, stimulating, satisfying, but ultimately entirely pointless.  We start, we fill in some gaps and we end. 

I do not need to race for hundreds of miles in the world's extreme environments, but I love pushing myself physically and mentally, finding myself on the edge and pushing through to a satisfying, enriching conclusion.  I do it because it is what I am passionate about.  I love nature and the world's wild places, and I want to spend my time experiencing them as best as I can.  I am also passionate about education and self-development, hence completing my doctorate.

As a goal, mere satisfaction is not enough.  For me, I need to know I am doing everything I can to live life to the full.  Life is such a precious thing.  We have a few decades if we are lucky - between growing up and growing old - in which we can truly experience this amazing world around us, to our physical and mental potentials.  Maybe one day our societies will be more advanced, utilising technology in place of a workforce, and leisure time will be prioritised as our privilege for being here.  Until then, we just have to be more imaginative and daring, in finding ways to make our lifetime truly our own, and what we want it to be." MH



The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







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