In brief, I used to be a skinny, scrawny, lanky teenager.  I joined a gym, put on a stack of weight, and fell in love with sports science.  I went to university and studied exercise physiology, and subsequently had various jobs in health clubs, from personal trainer to management, before getting into lecturing.  I lectured first to personal trainers, then to teenagers, then to Master's students.  In 2005 I watched a Ben Fogle documentary on the Marathon des Sables extreme endurance race, and decided it was worth a punt. It was. I finished that, raced in the Amazon, the Yukon sub-Arctic, Himalayas, and across the UK and Europe.

In 2010 I began a part-time doctorate in biomechanics and physiology, at the University of Roehampton.  I left work on the 25th January, 2013, to pursue my career in ultra-endurance racing and general adventuring.  I have supported myself through writing books, giving lectures and putting on courses and seminars.  I am financially underwhelmed and residentially challenged, but I am having the time of my life.  I don't know what I'm doing anymore, and it's awesome.  Apparently, I inspire others to be equally as ridiculous, which is nice.

Over the coming years I plan to engage in even more exciting and ill-advised adventures and expeditions around the world.  I plan to build myself an eco-electric 4x4 off-road car, stack it full of boys toys, and drive it around the world.  I plan to build myself an eco log cabin in the Canadian wilderness, and use it as a base for new adventures.  I plan to live happily ever after, sucking all the marrow out of life, and having what Fred Flintstone would describe as 'a gay old time'.   This is me and on this website and in my books are my thoughts, dreams, philosophies and stories.  I believe I have one life and no 'level 2'.  This is it.  I am doing what I can.


The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







The content of this website is provided free of charge, and I hope it is of value to those reading it.  Anyone wishing to donate to help support me is welcome to do so here.  I am extremely grateful for any and all support received.



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