Arctic Guiding

I love the Arctic, the Yukon, and everywhere Far North.  The trail of the Yukon Quest sled dog race is my favourite long distance route in the world.  When the sky is its standard deep blue, the snow lies as a perfectly white, soft blanket covering the land, sparkling as its crystals reflect the sunlight.  Nights are often spent beneath the northern lights, as they dance overhead and their colours are reflected in the snow across the whole landscape.

It is not difficult to understand how I have come to love the Quest trail.  Over the years I have clocked-up approximately 2500 miles (4000 km) of racing and hiking along that trail, initially through the Yukon Arctic Ultra, and since following my own initiative on solo ventures and guiding.  I am always dissapointed to hear that people have suffered hardships where I have enjoyed so many positive experiences.  The 1000-mile Yukon Quest solo hike in 2016 was the best thing I have ever done.

Whether people want to experience the wonders of the Yukon Quest trail in a more leisurely, less pressured, non-race format, or whether people want to gain important survival and race skills ahead of participation in an Arctic or sub-Arctic ultra race, I have decided to make myself available as a guide.  My goal is to help people feel more confident in their ability to take care of themselves in this environment, whilst sharing advice and stories about the Quest trail.

I am currently exploring options to offer guiding, training and survival courses in the Yukon and other Arctic regions.  Further details regarding specific course dates and locations will follow.

Please contact me for more information via email.