I have used Bloc sunglasses since my first encounter with the Yukon Arctic Ultra 450-miler, back in 2009.  I had selected the Chameleon glasses, because of the category 4 sun protection and the inserts to reduce ice glare.  I could not fault them, and they lasted the race in perfect working order.  Hence, in my 2011 and 2013 returns to the race, there was no reason to look any further than my trusty Chameleons. 

In 2014 I was privileged to become one of Bloc Eyewear's sponsored athletes, and have since used their Bladerunners, Par Cobra and Scorpion sunglasses on races and adventures in the UK, Europe and Asia.  The Chameleons have been with me through those three editions of the Yukon Arctic Ultra, various visits to the Arctic and sub-Arctic, and for the 2012 edition of La Ultra, The High.  The latter is the world's highest altitude ultra, and again the high category sun protection was a must during the very high altitude event.

I have found Bloc sunglasses to be excellent quality, superb value for money, and have done the job protecting my eyes in some of the harshest environments on Earth.  They are great products and it is superb to have them as a sponsor.

Here is a link to their news page, announcing my new role with them.































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