The following pages contain details about the books I have written that are currently available.  A few new titles are currently underway.

Excerpts from these books are included in the Free Chapters pages of this website, together with unpublished chapters of race books.



The Books:


Human Evolution, Diet and Health: The Case for Palaeolithic Nutrition


Our Natural Diet: Optimal Nutrition for Health, Looks and Life


The Marathon des Sables: Ultra Endurance Running in the Heat of the Sahara


The Jungle Marathon: Ultra Endurance Running in the Heart of the Amazon


The Yukon Arctic Ultra: Ultra Marathon Adventure Racing across Canada's Frozen North  




My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







The content of this website is provided free of charge, and I hope it is of value to those reading it.  Anyone wishing to donate to help support me is welcome to do so here.  I am extremely grateful for any and all support received.



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