Human Evolution, Diet and Health:

The Case for Palaeolithic Nutrition


Over recent years there has been growing interest in human evolution, and the potential for diets based on what we think our prehistoric, palaeolithic ancestors ate to improve our health.  This book is an exploration of this idea.  The book contains a wealth of background information regarding our current understanding of human evolution, and what drove the most important steps on the path to modern humans. There is an introduction to key concepts in evolution, including evolutionary success, brain size, tool use, food procurement and gut length.

Shortcomings in the typical, westernised diets are discussed, as are associations between obesity, modern diseases and aspects of many modern diets around the world.  Our physical anatomy and our physiology evolved over millions of years, and were met with a swift and considerable change in food availability over the last few thousand years.  Progressions in technology have led to processing techniques that may harm a food's nutritional composition.  Indeed, it is the adoption of novel foods, and the high consumption of foods that were historically consumed to a much smaller degree, that has exposed us to some deficiencies and disease.

By understanding the content of this book, the reader is expected to draw their own conclusions regarding the sorts of foods they want to increase and decrease in their daily diets.  This is not a book to dictate hard and fast diet rules, but simply to offer-up some of the science of evolution, human nutrition, health and disease.  From this, the reader can make informed decisions about how best to support and promote their own health.


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