If Money Were No Object


Money is an object, and an odorous, menacing, evil object at that. It stands before me and bars me from the sort of adventures and mischief I might be otherwise engaged in. Please do not misunderstand me though, for I love my life and I love the challenges I face. I enjoy what I do, and I make the most of my life with what I have. I would not like to sacrifice more at this particular time. Sponsorship is the often the answer, of course, but to spend one's time asking for money is a job in itself. The following is a short list of the sort of things I would like to do over the coming years, if money were no object.


Mount Everest (approx. £35,000)

But not just to climb Everest. If I were able to have this little dream come true, it would be to climb it with Kenton Cool and Jon Gupta. Both are wonderful guys and superb mountain guides. I don't just want to plod up to the top, but I want to be like a sponge for all their stories. I think it would be a tremendous learning experience and insight into a world quite different to my own.


Ocean Row (approx. £80,000)

To row the Atlantic Ocean would be an extreme event for me, either solo or in a pair. The cost is partly registration fees, but the boat itself is the most expensive part. New boats are being designed that have less stability but greater speed, and I would enjoy racing across the Ocean in a cutting-edge rowing boat. Mostly though, being so isolated out in the middle of the Ocean, for so many weeks, is the most intimidating project I can think of. I would like that - a supreme human experience.


The North Poles (approx. £150,000)

At the time of writing, the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility has never been reached. Jim McNeil - The Ice Warrier - is leading another attempt this coming winter, and maybe this time he will manage it. In many ways I hope so. My expedition would be to go solo and unsupported, and from there to the current location of the Magnetic North Pole, then the Geographic North Pole, partly recreating one of the most important Arctic expeditions of all time - Sir Walter Herbert's expedition of 1968-69. Most of the costs of such an expedition are in returnable fees for emergency rescues, meaning the cost may be as low as £35,000, by the end of the expedition.

The North Poles expedition would be a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the fast and light approach I use in the sub-Arctic and Arctic races. The costs, however, are prohibitive, and so far I have been unable to dedicate the time to finding sponsors. Still…if money were no object, this would be the greatest expedition of my life.



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