Kovea innovate, develop and manufacture some of the best camping equipment on the market.  The range includes stoves and cook sets, tents and bivis, trekking poles, lanterns, torches and headtorches, and various other practical items for the Great Outdoors. 

I have used their Spider multi-fuel stove whilst on duty as support and trail staff for the Fire and Ice Ultra endurance race in Iceland.  Over the coming years it will be tried and tested from equatorial regions to the high Arctic.  I love their SupaLite Titanium stoves too, which at 56 grams and a very low bulk have now replaced my previous light-weight stove.

I look forward to working with Mercator Gear and Kovea to help develop some cutting-edge products for ultra-endurance racing, extreme environments and general use.











Photo taken inside "St. Peter's Church", which was rebuilt on top of a hardened lava flow, and is now used as a bunkhouse.  Here I am using the Kovea Spider to boil water for the trail team's freeze dried meals.  I am also in the process of recycling a Pepsi can to use as a lightweight reflector for the stove.











Above: The Kovea Spider and gas canister.




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