Public Engagements


Snow and Rock (London), November 2016, 4-hour seminar in Arctic Racing

Snow and Rock (London),   June 2016,   3-hour seminar on Arctic Racing

FourPure Brewing Co (London),   June 2016,   1-hour presentation on Yukon Quest Hike

Snow and Rock (London),   June 2016,   1-hour presentation on Yukon Quest Hike

Keswick Mountain Festival,   May 2016,   30-minute presentation on Yukon Quest hike

The Royal Institution,   June 2015,   45-minute presentation on races

Course (London),   September 2014,   2-day course: 'The Science of Muscles'

Seminar (London),   June 2014,   4-hour seminar: 'Nutrition for Health and Weight Loss'

Snow and Rock (London),   September 2014,   1-hour presentation: 'Inspire Your Adventure'

Snow and Rock (Edinburgh),   March 2014,   Corporate Event (after dinner speaking, running and hike as brand ambassador for Salomon and Suunto)

London Lecture Series,   June, September &December 2013,   1- to 2-hour presentations on running, races and science

Course (London),   June 2013,   2-day course 'Nutrition for Health'

Hope4Children Charity Event (Birmingham),   June 2013,   1-hour presentation on races

Course (Derby),   May 2013,   2-hour presentation: 'Evolution of Running'

London Charity Event,   February 2013,   45-minute presentation on races

MyRaceKit Seminar (London),   August 2012,   1-hour presentation on Marathon des Sables

Course (London),   July 2012,   Endocrinology and Bioenergetics of Exercise

Course (Southampton),   June 2012,   2-hour presentation: 'Adaptations to Training'

Cotswold Outdoor (London),   June 2012,   2-hour presentation on races and science

Shropshire Lecture Series,   December 2012,   2 hour 45 minute presentation on races and science

EnduranceLife Festival,   May 2011,   1-hour presentation on races and science

Run and Become (London),   Various during 2009 and 2010,   1-hour presentations on running, races, nutrition and hydration



I give lectures and courses around the UK on subjects relevant to endurance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and therapists.  Details of these can be found here.



The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







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