Serengeti Trading came on board in 2013, to support me through my third Yukon Arctic Ultra (YAU) finish, and my second podium placing.  I love South African food, and their droewors and biltong were the main foods that sustained me through the 450-ish-mile slog.  Because it is not (legally) possible to bring meats into Canada, I had needed to find a local supplier, and Serengeti Trading were perfect.  There are a good number of South African shops and brands for dried meats, but I am exceptionally fussy when it comes to what I am happy to use, especially as I get through up to half a kilo of meat every day, and for a week or more, during a race such as the YAU.  Hence, when I found Serengeti Trading it was a great relief to know that such great quality foods were available, and even better that they gave me support for my race.

I used at least 300 grams of droewors and 100 grams of biltong every day, during the YAU.  I put in a special request for the guys at Serengeti Trading to find me the fattiest cuts of meat they could.  These products are typically from very lean cuts, so it was an unusual request, and I like to think I helped them make use of some of the carcass that would usually be ignored.  During a 450-mile, sled-hauling footrace, good quality fats are a huge bonus.  Some Arctic explorers like to melt a block of butter into a soup, but I prefer the healthier and more nutrient-dense meat fats.  There are plenty of flavours available too, which all helps to keep the meal times interesting.




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