As someone who is passionate about what he does, and in supporting others to promote their health and maximise their enjoyment of life, I consider it a shame I cannot give advice for free.  However, my life is about seizing the spirit of adventure and endurance, and about spending time doing the things I truly love.  Because of this, I am attempting to make a living for myself based upon my skills and experience, and without any temptation to charge more than I feel is fair.  I do not intend to sell my services to become rich, but simply to cover costs of living (adventuring is often far cheaper than paying the costs of living in a town or city). 

When you pay for my services, or buy one of my books, you are directly supporting another human being in his quest to experience life to the full.  In return, you have my appreciation and my desire to ensure you get the best value that can be offered.  If I am unable to assist, I will try to find someone I can recommend instead.


Public Lectures & After Dinner Speaking

In addition to several years of experience as an academic lecturer, I enjoy giving motivational and inspiring talks on my races and other adventures.  I am happy to present at corporate events, informal meetings of athletes, schools and so on.

Please contact me directly to arrange a speaking engagement.



Media Contributions

I am happy to contribute to Q&As, articles and features in magazines, websites, newspapers and radio programmes.  However, due to referrals from media being low and typically not profitable in and of themselves, a fee is required for me and any photographer's work that is to be included.

Please contact me directly to discuss media contributions.


Yukon Guiding

The latest service for me to offer is guiding along the Yukon Quest trail in Canada's Yukon Territory.  I have decided to offer this following too many reports of racers in the Yukon Arctic Ultra suffering serious cold injuries through inexperience.  I am offering guiding as a means for people to gain experience of the Yukon, in a more leisurely, less pressured, non-race format.

More information on Yukon Guiding can be found here.


Diet & Nutrition Consultations

Although I have often shied away from personalised consultations (due to the books being available), I am happy to take on a small number of clients.  I am not interested in blanket prescriptions for everyone, but would rather assess an individual's diet and make specific recommendations for improvements over time.  This should help ensure long-term success and a diet you can truly be happy with.

If you are interested in altering your diet to help promote general health or sports-specific performance, please contact me directly to discuss options.

Guide: £50 for initial consultation.



Weight Loss Programmes

I am happy to work with anyone interested in losing weight and promoting health.  Please be aware that although the approach can be simple, it is the hard work and commitment of the individual that creates long-term success.  My role is simply to assess dietary and lifestyle factors, and to help the individual find the ways that are most agreeable and conducive to success.

Please contact me directly to discuss a personalised weight-loss programme.

Guide: £50 for initial consultation.



Sports-Specific Training, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

I have worked professionally for many years as an exercise physiologist.  My main areas of interest, aside from nutrition and extreme environments physiology, are sports-specific training, injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.  I am passionate about delivering the most effective and efficient exercise programmes to promote performance and/or return to full fitness.  I can provide personal training and consultations on sports-specific training, and training related to injury prevention and/or rehabilitation.

Please contact me directly to discuss fitness training.

Guide: £100 for initial consultation and development of the training programme.



Race Preparation

I am happy to advise and offer consultations on race preparation.  I recommend anyone interested in this first check that they cannot get the information they need from one of my race books (i.e., for desert and jungle multi-stage racing, or for any sub-Arctic and Arctic racing).

Please contact me directly to discuss consultations for race preparation.

Guide: £100 for consultation.



As an exercise physiologist, I am not qualified or experienced as a fitness coach for endurance exercise.  Instead, I strongly recommend Ian Mayhew, who owns and manages the Gears and Tears coaching company.  Ian is an experienced Ironman triathlete and ultra-endurance runner, with an undergraduate degree in sports science, postgraduate degree in exercise nutrition, and further coaching-specific qualifications.  He is the most experienced and dedicated coach I know of, and his athletes consistently demonstrate the excellence of his coaching.

Please contact Ian directly for more information.



Research Projects

I am often requested by personal trainers and manual therapists to pass comment on a particular training approach, piece of equipment, dietary strategy or approach to therapy.  As such questions deserve a fair appraisal of the literature, I typically refer enquirers to PubMed.  However, if you would like to have me review the related literature, I am happy to do so for a fair compensation for my time and efforts.

Please contact me to discuss any research projects you would like me to undertake.  I will then give an indication of what I can provide on that topic, and you can choose from the options offered.   All copyrights from such work belong to me, so if something is requested for distribution, please liaise with me first (it may be most appropriate for me to produce the research as an article on my website, or else request that a link to my site be included).  Longer projects may develop into ebooks later on.

Guide: From £25 for a half-page summary, to £500 for comprehensive, complete reviews of the related literature (of several pages). 


I give lectures and courses around the UK on subjects relevant to endurance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and therapists.  Details of these can be found here.



The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







The content of this website is provided free of charge, and I hope it is of value to those reading it.  Anyone wishing to donate to help support me is welcome to do so here.  I am extremely grateful for any and all support received.



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