The following are films that I have made or been a part of in some way.  I plan to make some great short adventure films over the coming years, and need a few months to work through all the footage I have already recorded.


A short video made by the Alaska Parks Service following my 1000-mile Yukon Quest hike:


A short trip along the Danube in Germany, ahead of a more ambitious project for 2017:


Demonstrating the Kovea Spider stove for Arctic use:


A short film about a Salomon City Trail event in London:



A promotional video for the new Salomon XA Pro 3D Mountain Trails shoes:


An Interview by Matt Green, from Summit Fever Media:


A short film from a training stint on the sea ice around Barrow, Alaska:


From the 2011 Yukon Arctic Ultra 450-miler:


Focus more on the audio for this - I fail to realise the camera is no longer on my face!



What to do in the Yukon when you have time on your hands.  Dear friend John Quinn and I, having missed the survival training before the previous race, decided to go one better than just getting into our sleeping bags and firing up our stoves.  We fashioned a comfy bench from a conveniently fallen tree, started up a fire, and cooked ourselves a proper meal.  What a great way of passing an evening during the Yukon winter:


EnduranceLife Live More Lecture 2011


"Coping with Extremes".  This was supposed to be a physiology lecture, to be delivered in the late afternoon / early evening.  However, my presentation got shifted to the penultimate slot, ahead of Al Humphreys finale, and the audience had been drinking for several hours.  Hence this was an off-the-cuff presentation that seemed to work quite well:


I give lectures and courses around the UK on subjects relevant to endurance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and therapists.  Details of these can be found here.



The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







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